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Arnlib 3.0

Active Registry Network

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Copyright (C) 2010-2016 Michael Wiklund.
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ArnLib - Active Registry Network.

This Qt 4 & 5 based library makes it easy to distribute changing data objects. It also gives a central place to find all your systems' current data. By using the ArnBrowser, all data objects are real time presented in a tree view.

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Comparison to similar concepts


One example of professional use is in fire-fighting vehicles. This application has run for some years in 100+ vehicles. Most of the hundreds of sensors and controls in the vehicle, are present in an Arn Registry. A graphical user interface is used for monitoring and control during a fire mission.

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Follow link to: Panel controlling fire fighter vehicle

ArnLib has proven to be very efficient and stable to work with. The originator's home automation system has now run reliable for many years with ArnLib.

ArnLib could be beneficial in a lot of projects. It should be well suited to the following conditions:

Main features

Arn Data Objects


Persistent storage

Java Script

Data streams and Remote Procedure Call

ZeroConfig and Discover


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